Audio SPI Apps, Libs, and Engines in 2021

Coral Entropy - Stephane Poirier

Summer 2021, Audio SPI content production Apps, Libs, and Engines are being ported to Linux and macOS.

Fall 2021, Audio SPI software development will therefore be done under Windows 10, Ubuntu (Studio) 20.04.2, and Mac OSX Catalina using Intel oneAPI.

Before Winter 2022, software products are not going to be made available on Audio SPI website.

In 2022, Audio SPI software engines are to be deployed over the cloud as SaaS from (presently pointing to one of SPI’s visual artwork websites.

Think of a Google search engine where you would type in a few text chunks to obtain a serie of audio tracks as results.

That is what audio engine will offer.

SPI website will also have its video engine and texto engine available.

Since 2017, SPI has gone for profit. Audio, Video, and Texto SPI open source Apps, Libs, and Engines are not available anymore as open-source on the web. Some older generic versions can be found online. Even an old generic version of the SPI AI core library can be found online.

SPI AI core library was initiated back in 1995 and is not based on Deep Learning.

Before 2022, SPI is open to transfer open source apps to other corporations.

Audio SPI Applications Fall 2020 Windows 10 64bit Release

Hi All,

Fall 2020, Audio SPI and Video SPI applications and libraries are all being build for Windows 10 64bit (and 32bit) using recent Visual Studio compilers (VS 2010, VS 2013, VS 2017, VS 2019). Most of these apps and libraries are multiplatform (Linux, Mac OS, Windows) but the builds found on and are compiled against Windows.

The Fall 2020 testing of these hundreds of Windows Audio and Video Production applications will be mostly restricted to Windows 10 64bit platform. However, some of these applications still work under Windows XP, most do work under Windows 7 and later.

It is our wish to be able to deploy most of the Audio SPI and Video SPI Production in the cloud sometimes in 2021.

Stay tuned!


The documentation for Audio SPI – Audio and Video Production Applications – is now online

Vorotrans - Stephane Poirier

Hi All,

Audio SPI, audio and video production, applications rough draft documentation is now available on line at:

Audio SPI Applications: These are Windows software Apps running on top of many open source libraries found in the audio_spi/lib-src folder.

Audio SPI version of OIFII Library: Audio SPI apps and Video SPI apps rely on this library for Voronoi diagrams construction and Vorotrans video creation functionality.

Audio SPI version of Tonic Library: Audio SPI apps rely on this library for creating synthesizers, samplers, recorders, audio effects, etc.

Much more documentation coming up as well as many more revisions to these first 3 online documentation sites.

Hope this can be of help.