30-day support on spicopyfiles_vs2010


30-day support along with sources and ms-windows binaries for spicopyfiles_vs2010 app.


30-day support along with complete sources and MS-Windows binaries for spicopyfiles_vs2010 App.

spicopyfiles_vs2010 is a texto app for copying a list of image files to another folder. It renames the copied image files too.

This 30-day support is intended for software developers and more specifically to Microsoft Visual Studio software developers running MS-Windows 7 or newer. If you are not a software developer and you do not have software developers working for you, you may be lucky in successfully running this App.

We will do our best to help you get going at using this App. But understand, there is no refund on this 30-day support purchase because we do deliver source code and binaries along with our support.

AudioSPI.COM software Apps are written by SPI, Stephane Poirier Intelligence.

AudioSPI.COM Artificial Intelligence (AI) also comes from other non-profit SPI‘s projects OIFII.ORG and HumanAware.ORG to secure governments and individuals around the world are protected from corporate AI.

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